Police Security Expo 2018

Police Security Expo 2018

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YOU MADE IT TO The Police Security Expo – LETS MEET UP! PUGS Cabinet systems has delivered thousands of Law Enforcement Vehicle Cabinet Systems to municipalities all over the United States of America. We offer Law Enforcement cabinet solutions for every mission or task at hand. Whether you are responding to a traffic accident or commanding a hostage situation, Pugs Cabinets Systems has the solution for you.


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Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

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Law Enforcement Command Cabinets

Law Enforcement Command and Control vehicle cabinet systems are differentiated from our Standard Command Cabinets with the addition of high-security weapons drawer systems. We offer a wide array of communication faceplate options as well as Command Boards. Pugs Command Cabinets can are the most efficient way to run a command scene. With plenty of organized storage space, secure storage drawers, and command boards for instructions, you can rest assured that your post will run smoothly.

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Ford Police Interceptor Cabinet Systems

Ford Police Interceptor PPV
Ford Police Interceptor Cabinet Systems Designed with the Law Enforcement Professional in mind.  The Ford police utility vehicle is based on the redesigned Explorer and is powered by a 280-hp, 3.5-liter V6 engine and the 2016 Ford Sedan Police Interceptor is a 4-door, 5-seat Sedan, available in 2 trims, ranging from the FWD to the AWD.  Major Automotive Installations and Pugs Cabinets systems have delivered hundreds of these vehicles and we know that Ford Motors designed these vehicles with your missions in mind.

Pugs Police Interceptor Cabinets

Working closely with Law Enforcement our Ford Police Interceptor Cabinet Systems are designed specifically to satisfy the needs of Law Enforcement Professionals. We know that in emergency situations their focus needs to be on fulfilling the mission at hand and not on their equipment. PUGS Cabinet Systems puts design and functionality first. Speak with a cabinet professional today >>