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Emergency Vehicle Command Cabinets are used in many types of missions.

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    Command Cabinet with Storage. The CCASFP-16 Comes Standard with an Aluminum Slide System (Tool Board), Standard Command Board, Laptop/Printer Tray, and a Recessed Radio Mounting Face Plate.

    Key Features

    • Command Board
    • Laptop/Printer Tray
    • Radio Mounting Face Plate
    • Aluminum Tool Board

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    Pugs Cabinet Systems has been in the business of manufacturing emergency response vehicle and utility cabinetry for over a decade and during this time has become one of the leading emergency vehicle upfitters and emergency vehicle cabinet manufacturers in New Jersey. We design and upfit emergency vehicles and emergency vehicle cabinetry everyday and if you or your department has a special need or request -- please feel free to call and ask.

    All of our Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems are engineered to exceed industry requirements and we take pride and making sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied.

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    • Model Number: CCASFP-16
    • Cabinet Number: 3448
    • Order Number: CCASFP-16-3448
    • Dimensions: 34"L x 48"W x 30"H
    • Exterior Finish: Carpet
      • Customize: Yes
    • Command Board: Yes
      • Style: Standard
    • Laptop/Printer Tray: Yes
    • File Drawer: Available, Not Included
    • Storage Drawer: Available, Not Included
    • Storage Compartment: Available, Not Included
    • Radio Face Plate: Yes
    • Aluminum Tool Board: Yes
    • Rear Storage: Available, Not Included
    • Electrical Equipment Storage: Available, Not Included