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Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical and Advanced Life Support. Our products are CAD Designed and precision CNC manufactured. Whether you are a SWAT team leader in need of a mobile weapons arsenal or an Emergency Medical Technician looking for a Patient Transport Cabinet. Emergency personnel in all sectors know that their focus needs to be on the mission at hand and not on their equipment.



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Law Enforcement and Public Safety involves many different segments that can sometimes overlap. Patrol officers as well as detectives can easily respond to the same incident and each person needs to help in their designated role. Vehicle cabinet systems for Law Enforcement and Public Safety officials are a necessary piece of today’s equipment list.

Whether you are a Federal Law Enforcment, State, County Law Enforcment, Municipal Law Enforcment or Private Security officer vehicle security and quick acesss storage is important. If you are using a vehicle andhave equipment you can use some organization and security. Pugs Cabinet Systems has solutions for all types of police and investigation vehicles and their missions.

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